Alemayehu Asres


Biomedical Engineering

Class of 2018

New Britain, CT

What does the NSBE Mission mean to you?

The NSBE mission means that it is my duty and responsibility to help black engineers in any way I can. This means that if I can help tutor them in their classes or help get internships then I will.

What has been your favorite UConn NSBE moment?

My favorite UConn NSBE moment was when we went to Rhode Island for the New England Zone Conference. This was one of my first events for UConn NSBE that turned out to be incredibly inspiring and motivating. 

What type of leader are you?

I am a courageous leader, where I bravely pursue a vision in the face of considerable opposition and risks. I have strong convictions about my mission (purpose), vision (long-term goals), and values (right and wrong). I speak up for my core beliefs and fight for my values.

What do you hope to do/achieve after you graduate?

I would like to take a gap year and travel since I believe that traveling expands my view before I do anything professional. I am heavily considering graduate school and would like to obtain an advanced degree in Biomolecular/Chemical Engineering.

Do you have any study abroad experience?

I have attended Brazil for a study abroad during spring break with 12 other UConn NSBE Members. The spring break excursion came with an academic component as students learned more about the Afro-Brazilian culture. As a result, I was able to better understand the universal experiences of Black people.

How has UConn NSBE helped you achieve your goals? Whether personal, academic, or career wise?

NSBE has prepared me to become a well-rounded individual along with all the connections I’ve made this past year will enable me to get internships.

What advice would you give to other UConn NSBE members/prospective members about our chapter?

You get out what you put in. If you want to be a successful engineer and have many internship/research opportunities then come to meetings, participate, and be outgoing, you’ll enjoy yourself. 

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