Allan Bakker

Mechanical Engineering and German

Class of 2019

Linden, Guyana


What does the NSBE Mission mean to you? 

Growing up in a relatively poor country, it was common to see people not achieve their goals for many different reasons. Here in America, there are much more opportunities and resources for minorities to advance. In order to take advantage of this, they must first know about them. This is a large part of NSBE, to expose kids to engineering and after providing them with the necessary tools, mentors, and environment to foster academic as well as personal growth.

What has been your favorite UConn NSBE moment?

My favorite NSBE moment so far was attending the Lift to the Future event at the YMCA in Hartford. We played basketball and talked with the kids that were there and got to know them better. It was just fun to connect with them and show them that people similar to them are also striving for their goals.

What type of leader are you?

I like to consider myself an affiliate leader. I try to make sure that everyone knows what their part is and everything comes together nicely in a timely fashion so that whatever project is complete in its finished state. I also love helping others, so I will put in extra time to make sure that everyone knows what they are doing and help them if that isn’t the case.

What are your professional or career goals?

After Graduation, my main goal is gain as much experience as I can in the field. With this knowledge, I hope to one day either expand a company into my homeland to help develop the country, or start my own company. I have not decided what it is exactly I would like to focus on specifically, which is why I’d like to be exposed to as much as possible. 

How have you made an impact within the community through UConn NSBE?

My contribution to NSBE thus far has mostly been in volunteering my time. I enjoy volunteering and have volunteered for a number of the events NSBE has been apart of.

How has UConn NSBE helped you achieve your goals? Whether personal, academic, or career wise?

UConn NSBE has helped me develop professionally. It has introduced me to a number of on campus resources to do so. Being a part of NSBE has also allowed me to connect with many like minded individuals, who help and support each other.

What advice would you give to other UConn NSBE members/prospective members about our chapter?

Get involved. Meet as many people as you can and use each other as resources.
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