Cynthia Bissereth


Electrical Engineering

Class of  2019

Stamford, CT

What does the NSBE Mission mean to you?

The NSBE mission statement is a statement that speaks great volumes to me in terms that clearly & concisely states the main of this organization. It simply lays down the foundation and focus of this organization, which helps keeps this chapter and many more chapters focused, and helps keep me, a member focused too.

What has been your favorite UConn NSBE moment?

My favorite NSBE moment is the Black Women in STEM Brunch because it was so heartwarming seeing so many black women in STEM come together who all have the same goals and aspirations in life. Being in attendance at this event in a way created this tunnel vision for me, and helped me narrow down my focus in my goals, and academic aspirations.

What type of leader are you?

According to a quiz I took, I’m considered a Details Smart leader, which means that I’m the type of leader that likes to take their time to focus on the little details and things that would help a project or goal in the long run. I’m considered as not having great social skills according to this quiz, however, it’s this aspect that makes me great as this type of leader.

What are your professional or career goals?

My professional/career goals are to receive my masters degree in electrical engineering, and possibly receive my doctorate in Biomedical Engineering. I later on hope to do research in neuroscience and the innovation/implementation of biomedical devices. I want to be able to have my own Biomedical Device company in the future, and make some of these technologies accessible to people who can’t afford them, or who simply don’t have access to them wherever they are. I also want to create these devices that they’re “visibly appealing” so these devices aren’t just a big hunk of metal, and wirings; I want these devices to look cool to the eyes of the beholder so that they aren’t too shy, or a bit embarrassed to have these devices with them.

How have you made an impact within the community through UConn NSBE?  

The impact I’ve made within the community is helped uplift the children of the community with regards to encouraging their interests in the STEM fields through the many on and off campus programs we’ve had. In these program, I’d talk to the kids about the STEM fields, and when they’d tell me that they think it’s too hard for them, I’d encourage them by saying that even though it’s going to be hard, because they have a deep interest in it, it would no longer be as hard for them. Because they have such a great interest in these fields, their affection for it would make it easier for them in the long haul.

How has UConn NSBE helped you achieve your goals? Whether personal, academic, or career wise?

NSBE has helped me stay focused on my goals, and every time I’d feel lost about my personal/academic goals, NSBE was always there to encourage me to stay firm to my goals, and to keep going

What advice would you give to other UConn NSBE members/prospective members about our chapter?

The only advice I would give is to take advantage of all the resources UConn NSBE has to offer, because this chapter has so many resources and connection that it can help you get far in your education and goals.  


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