Nia T. Samuels


Molecular and Cell Biology

Class of 2020

Windsor, CT

What does the NSBE Mission mean to you?

The NSBE Mission is a call to action. It challenges each member to strive towards personal success and growth as well as encourages us all to extend our skill set outward to advance one another and the community.

What has been your favorite UConn NSBE moment? 

My favorite UConn NSBE moment so far has been attending the Fall New England Zone Conference at the University of Rhode Island—specifically, during the opening ceremony when we learned our Region 1 chant. I loved that we started the day laughing and dancing which created a relaxed and welcoming environment and showed to be change of pace from the average conference I have experienced.

What type of leader are you? 

I am a leader who is proactive. I evaluate a given situation for shortcomings and aim to create improvements moving forward. I also value listening to and applying the perspectives, experiences, and opinions of others in determining a plan of action for achieving a common goal. I think that a team works best when everyone feels invested in and included in the vision.

What are your professional or career goals?

I want obtain an M.D. as an orthopedic surgeon. Simultaneously, I want to conduct stem cell research, engineering tissue and bio-materials to create more effective and long lasting resolutions for diagnoses as a Ph.D. I hope to have several opportunities to travel to other countries as volunteer to provide medical services, especially to school children.

How have you made an impact within the community through UConn NSBE?

As a member of NSBE, I have been able to volunteer at the STEM Mini Conference and work with students one on one and give them an example of a STEM student that has been and continues to work hard, so that they feel inspired to do the same in their lives when presented with a challenge.

How has UConn NSBE helped you achieve your goals? Whether personal, academic, or career wise?

UConn NSBE has given me the courage to change my major from biological sciences to engineering, a path I had not given much consideration before joining the chapter. In seeing the upperclassmen manage the workload of an engineering student and thrive, I realized I could do the same and still achieve my careers goals in medicine.   

What advice would you give to other UConn NSBE members/prospective members about our chapter? 

To prospective members of UConn NSBE I encourage you to take advantage of all opportunities that come your way. Each meeting, event, and conference is a chance to connect with others and learn something about yourself or the world that you may not have been exposed to before.

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